Sunday, December 30, 2012

Congratulations L and E!

This cake did not come without its own challenges. The wedding couple wanted a red velvet and cream cheese ensemble but as every baker knows, cream cheese does not hold its shape. The challenges were compounded by how the hotel did not have refrigeration space due to the aftermath of holiday baking. Hence some modifications were made. The cake had to be denser and the cream cheese sloshed with a liberal amount of Cointreau to prevent spoiling. The frosting had to be applied extremely thinly and the cake, covered with a layer of made-from-scratch fondant, of which the amount used took a total of 12 hours of kneading. In total it weighed a hefty 25kg, not 15 as the bride and groom had ordered. My heart stopped many times as the vehicle chosen was the wrong vehicle - the back seat was set on too steep an incline and that caused the heavy cake to slide. When I arrived I inevitably split my pants while getting out of the car - oh boy large gaping hole at the back and I had to carry out frantic repair works to the cracks and the broken royal icing flood outs, in the open ballroom as there was no adjacent dressing room with my torn pants flapping away. Life's funny that way. Fluttering butterflies, fluttering pants. Get it?

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