Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ben10 alien force and gum tragancath

To circumvent Singapore's humidity, this sugarpaste Ben from Ben10 Alien Force was made with a pinch of gum tragancath, a natural very rather expensive gum and it held! (Thank You Adrienna for bringing the gum trac all the way from Oz!!!) Here you can see Ben drying with a dehumidifier blasting at it as an added measure.

*Tada*! The final cake - Ben about to hit the omnitrix, on the Omnitix. Valrhona Chocolate Cake and made-from-scratch fondant. The fondant alone took hours to make as the lumps had to be removed by hand. It took days for this cake to finally to come to frution and I am tired out, but well satisfied. Thank you advanced orders (three months no less!), dehumidifiers and Gum Trac!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

the world's aflutter with macarons

After a baking hiatus, this was the cake that got delivered today. Working on the given theme of "pink" and after hearing that the client wanted to put a macaron tower on a cake base, this Valrhona chocolate cake was shaped in the guise of a giant pink macaron with macarons made out of sugarpaste (these were a blast to do!) put on the top.