Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Congratulations Ageless Theatre and Theatre Cell

Ageless Theatre and Theatre Cell had a showing of (When I'm) Sixty Four. A play about transits and the happenings of the bus. A good friend (LT) who was the director of the piece, suggested that I could help them with the cake. Well, admittedly, I was supposed to have made a cake in the shape of a bus, but I thought it might be more fun if I modelled the cake on one of the characters in the script - an old woman carrying a bomb up the bus.

This was a perilous enterprise of architecture. You can't see them, but there are candy rods holding up the entire old woman. Well, I am proud to say that no wires were used this time and the entire cake was edible, with the exception of the toothpicks I used to mimic the hairpins in her hair. I had immense fun making this cake and by the grace of God, the weather was cool and not humid at all. The bomb was a black jawbreaker I found in a candy store :) and the fondant, made from scratch. I finally found a way to make rice krispee structures and those I used to build the head. All in all, an ambitious, but very enjoyable project.

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