Monday, April 4, 2011

a first post

Life has been so busy that I completely forgot that I had this blog going, until I decided to create a blog to document the baking adventures, or misadventures - that's how it is and it was a pleasant surprise to discover that, "oh... I have a blog... already..."

Seeing that this is a re-start of sorts on a blank slate, the first couple of posts will feature the cakes already done and hopefully these pages will begin to fill with more delicious posts very soon. I suppose it is appropriate to begin this new chapter with the very first cake that begun all the sugarpasting madness - sugarpaste or fondant is quite a pain to work with in Singapore, due to the humidity and heat. The commercial brands I used either had crackage or melted into gloops when I left it out to dry, so I learnt the hard way and it was a blessing in disguise that it was inevitable that I had to find ways of making fondant from scratch, of which the results seem to hold pretty well. *fingers crossed* and they taste better than the store-bought ones too. For that I am thankful, although a lot of work goes into making fondant from scratch.

the first fondant covered cake

the second fondant cake that was made

2d Thomas the Train engine fondant cake - one of the pioneers in this cake-making shenigans thingamagig

Until then, here's to savouring the best that life has to offer!

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